WHO Oxygen Concentrator Specifications:

Comply with ISO 80601-2-69:2014

Continuous oxygen flow with [O2] >82%

AC-powered, power source 300-600W, efficiency ≤70W/LPM

Electrical plug locally compatible, correct voltage type (110-120V vs. 220-240V)

Main power cable ≥ 2.5m

Electrical protection (built into concentrator)


Weight <27kg

Oxygen delivery 10LPM

Minimum flow rate ≤0.5LPM

Generating ≥55kPa at all flows

≥1 built-in flow meters

≥1 built-in flow-rate controls

≥ 1 oxygen outlet for direct attachment of delivery tubing

DISS connector

≥1 humidifier threads

Gross particle filters

Functions from 0-40°C, 15-95% humidity, 0-2000m 

Produce ≤50dB(A) of noise

Audible and visual alarms for alerting fault conditions

Time meter to record cumulative hours of device operation

2-5 year warranty; life span 5-7 years

Built-in voltage stabilizer and surge protectors

UPS vs. battery bank